Don’t try this at home

Philip Kerr is suing MI5 for harassment, using the Protection From Harassment Act 1997.  He is assisted in this by an experienced solicitor, one of the most in-demand barristers in the country and the solicitor-advocate who is widely acknowledged to be the country’s top expert in harassment law.  He is also assisted by Debi McCormack and myself, John Allman.  Philip could probably not have got as far as he has today, without the help of all five of us, and several year’s of hard work of his own.

One day, perhaps soon, I hope that there will be other cases like Philip’s, as successful as Philip and all five of his legal team hope that this case will be.  But, at the moment, I believe that it would be folly for other harassment victims to set about attempting to do, all on their own, what Philip is trying to do, with all the help he has.  In other words, please don’t try this at home.  Please be patient, and hold fire whilst watching this ground-breaking case unfold, if you are tempted to copy the method that Philip is using, to seek justice for yourself.

In the mean time, by all means please feel free to tell me, if you think that you might wish to use the same approach as Philip yourself, once the method has been proved, in court.

Philip Kerr has good evidence that the perpetrator of his harassment is his defendant, MI5.  For those not in such a fortunate position, the ability to sue unnamed defendants written about here may turn out to useful in future.

Persons Unknown – article in New Law Journal by Tim Lawson-Cruttenden

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