Rooks -v- crooks

(Note added 24 July 2017: Since this post was published, in 2016 the crow reappeared at a different address, where we were putting together the evidence for the IPT.  Its antics were captured on video, several times, and the videos supplied to the IPT along with the other evidence.)


Who says MI5 couldn’t use a trained rook or crow to harass a target?

There’s a great deal more to Philip Kerr’s harassment claim against MI5 than just the trained rook or crow of the tabloid headlines that ceased making its appearances abruptly in 2006.  This and every single other harassing course of conduct alleged, up to the present day, has included incidents that others besides Mr Kerr himself have witnessed.  These include more familiar methods of harassment, such as sleep deprivation and “theatre”.  The timing of incidents (including the historic crow or rook incidents from 2003 to 2006) has typically coincided with Phil having recently had conversations about sensitive matters.

MI5 attempted to get Mr Kerr’s case struck out without a public hearing in open court.  They have failed.  There will be a public hearing. on 2nd February 2014.
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